The Politics of Fashion: A Global Journey

  • Politics of Fashion
  • Femen
    Founded in the Ukraine in 2008, Femen is a radical feminist movement with chapters in Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, France, and Canada. A non-violent group, the women of Femen use their naked bodies to fight religious institutions, dictatorships, and the sex industry. Credit: Nicola Brown
  • The Miniskirt
    Coined by fashion editor Diana Vreeland in 1965, the term Youthquake described the 60s fashion, music and cultural music among England's teenage population. Credit: Nicola Brown
  • Diesel
    Diesel originated in Italy in the 1970s, where it soon became known for its controversial advertisements and cult denimwear. The name Diesel was chosen with a global picture in mind, as "it's one of the few words pronounced the same in every language," (Diesel President Renzo Rosso). Today, Diesel is a global brand that continues to push the envelope through their design and provocative advertisements. Credit: Nicola Brown
  • 80s Japanese Design
    In the 1980s, Japanese designers such as Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto revealed avant-garde designs that challenged the status quo of European fashion at the time. Credit: Caitlin Boros

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